I am delighted and excited to offer mentorships this year! I understand that everyone starts somewhere and each of our beginnings are unique. I started this business almost three years ago not knowing a thing other than how to turn my camera to automatic and go for it. I didn’t know business basics, couldn’t remember every function in Manual Mode and Pinterest was my best friend! I struggled in the beginning, A LOT! But out of struggle, I grew. I’ve taken over 50 online courses, photographed a ton of families and practiced, practiced, practiced! There is never an end to photography. There is always something new to learn and you can learn & be inspired from everyone (creatives, singers, musicians, photographers, painters…seriously!)! I would love to be a stepping stone in your journey to being a better photographer.

Below you will find my mentorship packages. Unfortunately due to living in the mountains I can only take in-person sessions at this time!




The Beat

This mini mentorship is a 1.5 hour coffee or margarita date in Jemez Springs or Los Alamos, NM. Since time is limited I advise you to choose two or three subjects to discuss! We can discuss what tools you need to start a business, we can go over camera settings, how to use social media to your advantage, how I got my start (& how I grew), editing tools…I’m an open book!



The Rhythm

This 3 hour mentorship session will be ALL ABOUT EDITING (complete with coffee, water & snacks)! This session will be held at my home in the beautiful Jemez Mountains. We will go over everything about editing that you are interested in. We will also sit down together and edit 5 of your images together!



The Whole Heart

This is an ALL IN 5 hour mentorship session in the Jemez Mountains! We are going to be photography BFF’S by the time we are done! The first 1.5 hrs will consist of discussing anything you would like. The next 1.5 hrs will consist of editing up to 3 images of your own. The last two hours will be dedicated to shooting a session together either of a family or a couple. I will assist you with directing, composing and mastering light!